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There are multiple steps in the K1 Fiance Visa Process.

Below is a brief summary of the critical steps and a description of how Online Fiance Visa will help you.

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Fiance Visa Part 1: K1 Petition Preparation

To begin the K1 Fiance Visa petition, the US Citizen must compile and file a COMPLETE I-129f petition with USCIS.  While historically this process has been quite difficult, usually requiring an expensive law firm, Online Fiance Visa can simplify, expedite, and greatly reduce the cost of this critical step. 

Fiance Visa Part 2: K1 Petition Evaluation

Once the USCIS receives your petition, the evaluation process begins.  They will check to make sure that you are a US Citizen, that you have met your fiancé in person within the last two years, that you have a genuine relationship, that you are both free to marry, and generally free of any criminal or negative US immigration history.  USCIS will also check all of your forms and evidence for completeness.  If they find your petition to be lacking, they could possible reject the petition, request more evidence, or even deny you.  This is why it is critical to use a service that prepares a complete K1 petition and offers you full support from a State Certified Immigration Consultant. 

Fiance Visa Part 3: K1 Petition Approval

Once USCIS is satisfied with your K1 fiancé visa petition, you will receive your first approval.  Generally it takes 3-5 months to get to this stage.  Now, USCIS will send your petition to the National Visa Center (NVC).  NVC will once again run background checks, particularly on your fiancé. Fortunately, the NVC process is rather quick and typically within a month or less your petition will arrive at the US Embassy in the home country of your fiancé.

Fiance Visa Part 4: US Embassy Evaluation

The last phase begins when the US Embassy receives the K1 Petition from the NVC.  At this point they will send your fiancé a letter giving her instructions on how to schedule both the required medical exam and interview.  Each US Embassy has specific instructions on what documentation is required to finalize the process. Instructions will be sent in your fiancés native language as well in English. This evidence and documentation, along with an I-134 that is filled out by the US Citizen, must be brought to the final interview.  The US Citizen is not required to attend this interview. Upon a successful interview with the Consulate at the US Embassy, your fiancé will be issued the actual K1 fiancé visa.  She will then be free to travel to the USA to marry you. 

Fiance Visa Part 5: Arrival in the USA

CONGRATULATIONS!  Now you can plan your wedding…you are officially successful in the first part of this journey. To remain valid, your fiancé must travel within 6 months of visa issuance (or on the expiration date as printed on the actual K1 visa). Once they arrive in the USA on their single-entry visa, they must marry you within 90 days or return home. When you get married, your spouse becomes eligible to become a permanent resident of the USA!  Let us know when you get to this phase; we can help you with this petition as well.


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